Date: 13, July, 2024

Refresher Course - Online Login Form to Download e-Certificate & e-ID (Phase-3) is available for candidates w.e.f. 27-12-2022.

             About NPC, Facilitator

National Productivity Council (NPC) is a national level organization to promote productivity culture in India. Established by the Ministry of Industry, Government of India in 1958, it is an autonomous, multipartite, non-profit organization with equal representation from employers’ & workers’ organizations and Government, apart from technical & professional institutions and other interests. NPC is a constituent of the Tokyo-based Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), an Inter-Governmental Body, of which the Government of India is a founder member.

NPC teams up with its clients to work out solutions towards accelerating productivity, enhancing competitiveness, increasing profits, augmenting safety and reliability and ensuring better quality. It provides reliable database for decision-making, improved systems and procedures, work culture as well as customer satisfaction both internal & external. The solutions can be all-encompassing or specific depending on the nature of the problem. The council also helps monitor, review and implement the identified strategies. Promotional and catalytic in nature, NPC’s services have bearings on economic growth and quality of life. The Council promotes a comprehensive view of productivity focused on improving triple bottom line – economic, environmental and social and adds value for all the stakeholders through generation & application of advanced knowledge for inclusive Growth.

BEE has retained the National Productivity Council (NPC) as the National Certifying Agency, which would conduct the National Level Certification Examination for Energy Managers & Energy Auditors

BEE has also awarded NPC for Facilitating conduct of Refresher course and carrying out the assessment of the candidates excluding the conduct of the training program for Energy Managers & Energy Auditors.

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